• Introduction

Welcome to hareem.pk. By accessing and using this website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions then you are not to use this website for any purpose. The terms and the conditions of the website apply to all the items in all the categories which are present in the website.

Hareem reserves the right to alter, modify, change and make additions and reductions to the whole or part of the terms and conditions. The changes will be in effect once posted on the website without any further or prior notice. By using the website, you have agreed to the changes made in the terms and conditions.

Vendors and Products

  • All vendors on hareem.pk are independent of hareem.pk itself and are manufacturers and/or official distributors / legal person / legally compliant of brands and products for Pakistan. It therefore ensures that all products and brands listed are original (no counterfeits whatsoever). All products being sold through hareem.pk are the responsibility of the Vendor, the consumer being the ultimate and final owner of the product based on the execution of the sale. hareem.pk does not, and will not, at any point in time, assume ownership of any product.
  • All purchases are directly from the vendor’s own virtual shop at hareem.pk, establishing a direct relationship between the customer and themselves.
  • All product descriptions clearly indicate, if applicable, the warranty and after sales coverage associated with a product. In case such warranties aren’t available, the product descriptions would expressly indicate as such or shall not have any warranty information whatsoever.

Product Information, Pricing and Inventory

  • All products, their descriptions, specifications, pictures and prices are as provided by the vendor, and they are under an obligation to update the same, as and when they are subject to change.
  • All inventory is maintained and managed by the vendors, hareem.pk facilitates in processing and delivering the orders directly from the vendors.
  • Prices of all products on hareem.pk are full and final as provided by the vendors, inclusive of all taxes and duties (if applicable).


Offers, deals and promotions

From time to time, various offers, deals and promotions may be advertised on hareem.pk properties, which include its website, Facebook page, Twitter page, and other on ground and online media. Such offers, deals and promotions will generally be time barred, and will have specific rules applied to each of them. Any dispute or misunderstanding arising related to these offers, deals and/or promotions may be duly communicated to info@hareem.pk for review. However, it is hereby understood that by the usage of the hareem.pk platform, you as the user agree that the final decision in such cases will rest with hareem.pk.



Customers can pay for products ordered by any of the following options, which are available for selection at the time of checkout:

  • Cash on Delivery on orders up to Rs.100,000.
  • Online Visa/Master Card
  • Jazz Cash Payment Options
  • EasyPaisa Payment Options


Warranties and after sales service and support

  • All products are available with after sales and support according to the official warranty guidelines of the vendor, which will be applicable independently to each product purchased by the customer.
  • Warranty details for each product are available in the product description on hareem.pk.
  • Vendors are directly responsible for providing after sales service on all products provided by them, unless explicitly mentioned as otherwise.
  • Warranty claims are to be forwarded to and dealt with the vendor directly, through their service centers.

Refunds and returns

  • hareem.pk offers 7-day returns!
  • An order may be cancelled by the user after payment and while order sourcing is in progress, however claims for refunds will be settled in the form of credits added to the user’s hareem.pk account. These credits can be used for future purchases on hareem.pk The user can also request a reimbursement by cheque (for payment options other than credit card), for which a period of 2-3 weeks may be required.
  • For products that are faulty, or not meeting the actual order, the customer will be required to call the Call Center to log the complaint and return request for further processing. The originally ordered product will then be sourced and delivered to the customer at the earliest at no charge to the customer.

*Not applicable on any accessories.

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